Cumulative Impact Policy (Licensing)

The Council’s Cumulative Impact Policy for Licensing Applications

West Suffolk Council has been reviewing its Licensing Policy document and  consulted the public in the summer as to whether the area affected by the Policy should be amended. At a meeting in November 2020 the Council’s Cabinet voted to maintain the Policy area without change. See  for details.
Many thanks to all those residents who responded to the Council’s survey this time. Anyone applying for a new or revised premises licence in the central area of town will have to show how they will manage its impact on the local community.
An earlier CIP Consultation was held in 2014. We were very pleased with the response to that survey with 131 questionnaires completed in our area. Our campaign was successful and the Policy was approved by the Council on 30th June 2014. A copy of the 2014 survey results and our submission to the Council can be found at CIP survey results.