Vision 2031 consultation – full response

 CAA Response to Vision 2031 : Submission

Details follow on the detailed response that the CAA has made to the Vision 2031 plan for  30% increase in the size of Bury St Edmunds. All CAA members are being invited by email or direct letter through the door to support this submission.


The CAA has carried out a study “Reducing Car Usage in the Historic Town Centre”. St Edmundsbury Borough Council is urged to study the CAA recommendations  and implement a comprehensive plan that will ensure that the town centre and mediaeval grid will not be adversely affected by the expansion of the town and will continually remain attractive areas in which to live, work, shop and relax.

Detailed Submission to CAA Study

Bury St. Edmunds Vision 2013: Reducing Car Usage in the Historic Town Centre

The Churchgate Area Association (CAA) has maintained a dialogue with Councillors and Planning Officers of St Edmundsbury Borough Council during the preparation of the Vision 2031 proposals and the preparation of the Local Plan submission documents.  It has in particular informed the Borough Council of the preparation of its own report on “Bury St. Edmunds Vision 2013: Reducing Car Usage in the Historic Town Centre” (CAA, July 2013). It now presents a copy of the report for consideration in the Public Examination of the Local Plan submission documents.

CAA contends that the St Edmundsbury Local Plan submission documents are unsound because they have not been positively prepared and are not effective (as defined above).  The absence of a full area wide transport study and infrastructure delivery plan means that the traffic and parking implications of the five proposed urban extensions for the town centre have not been incorporated.  Without specific plans to deal with these issues, it is not clear that objectively assessed infrastructure requirements have been fully assessed and can be met, nor has it been demonstrated that the plan is deliverable over its lifetime (see Consultation Guidance Notes).

CAA welcomes the proposal to prepare an area wide transport study and further development of the present generalised infrastructure delivery plans.  It also welcomes the intentions for Town Centre Streets and for the Town Centre and the proposed preparation of a Town Centre Masterplan.  But these studies and proposed plans will not be available in time for the soundness of the Local Plan submission documents to be tested at the Local Examination or for local people to have confidence that the strategic development proposals in Vision 2031 can be delivered over time without adverse impact on the vitality of the town centre and the quality and safety of its special heritage environment.

CAA will be pleased to present an outline of its report on “Bury St. Edmunds Vision 2013: Reducing Car Usage in the Historic Town Centre” to the Public Examination and to work with Councillors and Officers of the Borough Council to develop proposals for transport provision in the town and for traffic management and car parking measures in the town centre.  Without this, CAA believes that the core planning principles and particularly the provisions to ensure the vitality of town centres in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) cannot be achieved.

The recommendations in the CAA report have also been formally supported by the EWCA-Eastgate Ward Community Association and SAA –Southgate Area Association

Response references

Representation ID: 20912
Objective 3: To ensure that the necessary infrastructure required to meet the needs of new development is provided at the appropriate time

Representation ID: 20913
Section 7 Travel CAA proposes that paragraph 7.2 should include reference to an area wide transport study and a more specific infrastructure delivery plan to assess the transport implications of proposed major development in the town centre and to ensure the Local Plan is sound.

Representation ID: 20914
CAA proposes that paragraph 15.1 should include reference to prepare plans as part of the Local Plan for reducing car usage in the historic town centre to achieve aspirations 28 and 29 and to ensure the Local Plan is sound.