Telephoning the Police

A new police telephone number has been issued country-wide. For non-emergency calls in our area we are asked to dial 101 instead of the Ipswich number – 01473 613500.

Inspector Jane Hertzog of Bury Police Station kindly gave me 20 minutes of her time. Parking and picking up children in from the Guildhall Feoffment School was discussed: Inspector Hertzog said that the police only tolerated 15 minutes parking on the double yellow lines in Bridewell Lane and that 2,500 enforcement notices for parking offences have been issued in the town centre this year. She said that the 20mph speed limit was unenforceable and only if cars were doing more than 30 mph in the town centre would they be prosecuted.

The Inspector said that the police are consulting with the pubs and clubs to try and agree a minimum price for alcoholic drinks and that police Specials are being trained to deal with licensing which has been most successful. Bury needs to be known as a pleasant town with a good reputation.In an extraordinary co-incidence, there were two car accidents at the junction of Whiting Street and Churchgate Street within 24 hours last month. One was at 1.00 in the morning and the other at about 5.00pm the next afternoon. Both were caused by idiot drivers coming down Whiting Street, ignoring the Give Way signs, and turning right into Churchgate Street without looking. Fortunately no one was badly hurt.I asked the Road Safety Engineering Team from the County Council to look at the possibility of changing the signs to Stop signs but was told that there had not been sufficient collisions to allow the Team to investigate remedial work.

Vivien Gainsborough Foot, 69 Whiting Street, 750887